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Relief for Foot Pain

Orthotics benefits people with foot pain or discomfort due to imbalance. People who must walk or stand excessively at work also benefit from the comfort of orthotics. For those who are active in sports, orthotics will often increase endurance, performance and strength. Orthotics can also work in a preventative manner to avoid the development of future foot problems, such as skin ulcerations.


What & How Orthotics Help

  • Imbalances of the bones of the feet can result in abnormal foot function. This can impair foot function, which can result in abnormal rotation of the legs and can sometimes affect the knees, hips or back.
  • If we combine these tremendous forces with the need for precise balance, we can see how small structural changes in the foot can make significant differences.
  • Orthotics help to improve these structural changes.

Help to alleviate lower limb and foot-related discomfort