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UPDATE: January 12, 2022

Mason Health Centre has been approved by the Ontario Government to continue ALL of our services. 

Rest assured we are taking all precautions to make your appointment with us a safe one.

Welcome to Mason Health Centre

Dr. Hamilton of Mason Health

Dr. Michael Hamilton DC

Mason Health Centre has been providing chiropractic and rehabilitation services in Hamilton, Ontario for more than 30 years. Boasting superior chiropractic, orthotic and bracing services, over the years we have evolved into a full-service health centre, including registered massage therapy and laser therapy. We provide service in rehabilitation, WSIB, as well as motor vehicle accidents. Dr. Michael Hamilton has gathered the best professionals in all service areas.

Remedy, Relaxation & Relief is Here


Dr. Michael Hamilton is a professional chiropractor in Hamilton who offers optimal health care to all of his patients. 

When you meet with Dr. Hamilton,  he will take a complete history on your health and lifestyle, diagnose the problem you are suffering from and develop an effective treatment plan.


Whether you have foot pain, or are experiencing imbalance or physical discomfort, orthotics help improves and prevent problems with your feet.

The team at Mason Health Centre can fit you with custom orthotics so you can get more pep in your step.

Custom Bracing

Bracing is an important and effective way to protect and stabilize an injury.  Through custom fit technology, the brace will decrease pressure and weight on your joints and reduce pain. If you have had an injury and want to ensure a fast recovery, a customized brace is a great option.


Compression stockings prevent leg and foot fatigue and help increase blood circulation.

Registered Massage Therapy

Registered Massage Therapy is hands-on treatment that works to manipulate your body’s soft tissues using varying degrees of pressure to relieve both stress and pain.

Laser Therapy

If you have an acute musculoskeletal injury or suffer from a chronic or degenerative condition, you can benefit from laser therapy.

Education & Treatment for all your Chiropractic and Health Related Needs.

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Danielle Silva
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The staff here are very friendly and accommodating. There's parking available and curbside public transit. I'm completely confident in Dr. Hamilton's skills as a Chiropractor. It's obvious he's enthusiastic about his work and his high energy is contagious. I feel like he's genuinely interested in my well-being and his attention to detail shows in my immediate and long-lasting relief. Affordably priced, and worth every penny.
Jonathan Barrett
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I recently transferred to Mason Health and received an assessment and treatment from Dr Michael Hamilton. I have been receiving treatment from Dr Hamilton for around eight years and can tell you that you will find Dr. Hamilton to be extremely caring and dedicated to treating his patients. I will always recommend my family and friends, you are in good hands here.
Erin Brewer
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Dr Hamilton is an absolutely amazing man and chiropractor! I had gotten into a car accident 2 years ago and he truly made my body feel better then ever before! I never had been to a chiropractor before and always got massages but combining both really helped and I would never look back! I keep up with my every 2 week cracks! My body has never felt so good! So friendly and they accommodate your every need! I recommend 100%!
Jamie Huinink
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Dr. Hamilton is an amazing chiropractor that has lead me to want to choose the same career path. He is very friendly and is obviously passionate about his job. His treatment methods are very hands on and he has been able to help me with a lot of my sports injuries. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.
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Dr. Hamilton is passionate and professional about his work. The staff are very friendly and I'm always seen quickly.
Joey LaCivita
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My thanks and appreciation go to Dr. Hamilton and the rest of the healthcare professionals over at Mason Health Centre. After a skilled and accurate assessment was completed Dr. Hamilton began my treatment and I can definitely say that my back pain has significantly improved. I have recommended family and would again!
Chris Hopkins
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The entire Team at Mason Health is outstanding. They are always organized, professional, knowledgable and most importantly Friendly, flexible and comforting when dealing with an Injury, issue or pain. I would highly reccomend getting set up here!
Justin Rumble
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This is the best chiropractic experience that my wife and I have ever had. Dr. Hamilton is one of a kind and he really cares about his patients, 110% recommend!
Shane VanVeen
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Dr Hamilton is a great guy and a great physician. I had a bad pain in my back. Misaligned rib and worked it out over a very short time period. He does the work that is need and no more. Once he feels you are “fixed” up he will let you know. Very trustworthy place to go to. Highly recommend.
A.J Harvey
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I have only had four appointments so far but the relief from the adjustments from Dr.Hamilton have been extremely helpful. I am able to get back to working out without the constant back pain, also the massages from Leah are amazing as well. I should also say that it is also a bonus that they are both very nice people.
Jim Beam
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Dr. Hamilton is an excellent chiropractor. Very personable and really cares for his patients. Every adjustment leaves me feeling better and better.
Daniel Brucculieri
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Leah and Dr. Hamilton are very attentive to their clients needs. I always come out of here feeling like a million bucks.
Kareem Krichel
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I feel so much younger after only a few treatments. The energy Leah puts into her craft is greatly appreciated.
A Puronto
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Dr. Hamilton has really helped my neck pain. I went to other chiropractors in the past, but Dr. Hamilton's adjustments are the best. I always feel better after having a treatment here. I also appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere at this clinic. I highly recommend the Mason Health Centre!
N. M.
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Every time I visit Mason Health I leave feeling 10x better whether it’s from my chiropractic care or massage therapy. Highly recommend.
Emilio Bonito
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Dr. Hamilton and team are amazing. Highly recommend! Great care, great service.
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Mason Health Centre is a warm and welcoming wellness facility. All the measures are in place to ensure your safety and health from the waiting area to the individual rooms where you're treated. Not only does Dr. Hamilton listen and resolve physical issue(s) he asks how his patients are doing and shows sincere interest. Genuinely, Dr. Hamilton is one of the best practitioners in his field, that I've ever come across.
Chelsea Van berk
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An awesome place with great people!
Geraldine Mahecha
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Dr. Hamilton is an amazing chiropractor, literally changed my life. He is very professional, makes you feel welcome, he is super friendly and his office is located in a convenient place. Dr. Hamilton is very knowledgeable, and makes me feel renewed after each appointment. He has improved my quality of life and I am forever thankful!
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Dana Lacivita
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I always enjoy Leah’s massage. Her pressure is great and she listens to my needs and concerns. Would recommend at least a 45 minute massage with Leah!
CI King
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Mason Health Centre is beyond words to describe. Dr. Hamilton and RMT Leach are fantastic. I always feel welcome, am able to discuss my issues without judgment, and always have a great time. I leave every appointment feeling better than when I walked in. Dr. Hamilton helped rehabilitate my shoulder when I couldn’t get my arms overhead with progress every single session, and within a month I could get it back up over head without pain. As well Leah and Dr.Hamilton worked in tandem to improve and strengthen my shoulders, and always made sure my needs were met before I left. Leah always makes me laugh and always gets the tightness out of aching muscles. This isn’t a place where you go to just get cracked and spend money, this Clinic sincerely strives to improve people’s lives, and help them through their needs. This isn’t just a chiropractors office, it’s a whole package wellness centre revolving around your needs, and what needs to be done to help you. I swear by Mason Health Clinic, their staff, and their vision.
Michael Anderson
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I came into Dr.Hamilton’s office a broken man. I was leaning to one side, I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t stand, I might as well been brought in on a stretcher. My injury was a WSIB injury. I had seen a walk in clinic, a family doctor, and a specialist. They all claimed I had a pinched Ciatic nerve. Dr.Hamilton felt my back with his hands, and claimed I had disc issues. He treated me, fast forward MRI results, 3 ruptured discs and a bone spur on my spine. He was the ONLY doctor that knew exactly what happened, informative, and absolutely compassionate. He is the ONLY doctor I know that listens to where it hurts, and cares , and takes away the pain from that area. After his treatment plan (totally to your comfort) and the help of his RMT Leah, they had me standing at my wedding in 3 months, where I thought there was no hope. He kept his promise I would not miss it. 5 stars are not enough for this wellness clinic, it deserves more. He gave me my life back, my happiness, and my mental health. The team there feels like family, treat you like family/friends, not just someone off the street. They actually care. God bless the team at Mason Health Clinic for saving my life, and letting me enjoy it again.
Andrea Kandilas
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I highly recommend the chiropractic services of Dr. Hamilton. My husband and I have been under his care for over a year now and have seen a significant change! Both of us have awful back pain and used to bring Advil with us everywhere we went. It also affected our everyday activities as we are both highly active in nature. I also suffered from plantar fasciitis for years due to strenuous activity from my dance background. Thanks to his treatment, I no longer suffer from that pain. He is very personable and treats his patients like family. He is truly the best!
Guilbeault Family
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Leah and Dr. Hamilton have been phenomenal at treating my knees, ankles and shoulder injury. Their compassion, caring attitude and bedside manner are outstanding. They have always made me feel comfortable and always so willing to answer any questions I had. My aches and pains have been significantly reduced as I contour treatments with them. I would highly recommend their services.
Debbie Armitage
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Best experience I've had in a long time! I'm very thankful for the referral from my Dr. to Dr Mike
Jaehan Lee
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Best Chiropractor! I won't go anywhere else even if I move out of Hamilton. Just can say he is the best if you are looking for perfect Chiropractor.
Dan Van Delden
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Excellent! Michael is efficient and thorough. Friendly and talkative, always enjoy the visit. And go home feeling much better!
Johnny Son
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Both Dr. Hamilton and Edcel have been great especially since this was my first ever time going to a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist. The place is very neat and has lots of parking! I loved the first impression and am now still going to this day!
Mike Lahie
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Dr Michael Hamilton is hands down the best chiropractor in the city , He actually cares about his patients and how they feel , hes a genuine honest person i would 100% recommend to anyone of my friends or family !!
Farhat Jiwa
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Dr. Hamilton and Leah have both been amazing! I went from being in extreme discomfort and pain in my lower back to close to normal within just a few sessions!
Janet Cook
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Dr. Hamilton and everyone involved in his practice are friendly, welcoming and very efficient! Dr. Hamilton goes above and beyond for his patients and are always extremely knowledgeable about all new and emerging technology, treatments and referrals, to best help his patients improve their quality of life. Dr.Hamilton and his staff are very skilled at guiding patients through all of the paperwork involved in car accidents to ensure the process is as stress free and efficient as possible.
Tim Roberts
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An amazing visit ... great people skills, good customer service, sensitive, thorough, gentle, good communication, took the time needed so did not feel rushed, built confidence throughout the visit and examination, looking forward to our plan of recovery together.
David Chiasson
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Dr. Hamilton is such a terrific doctor. Friendly and professional and has a passion for what he does. I highly and completely recommend him. All the staff are extremely nice and friendly.
Susan Capostagno
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Micheal is amazing my entire family has had or is getting treatment we couldn’t imagine what we would do without him. Very professional and caring.